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Contrary to what you might expect, Christmas can be a stylish event. It needn’t be all flashing lights on ugly sweaters and paper hats (although admittedly, that does have its place in this special season). You don’t believe us? Let The Laneway inspire you with a photoblog of our favorite Christmas icons of style. Contemporary or vintage, this array of glamorous folks put the style  back into the silly season. Do you dare to emulate them? If you’re catering for a large family gathering, feel entirely justified in changing out of your turkey-basting clothes to pop on a glamorous gown and dainty shoes. It’s your Christmas and you’ll style if you want to! 

So when you think Elizabeth Taylor, you don’t necessarily think Christmas. You might think of diamonds the size of your eye, pearls larger than oyster shells and Richard Burton in a drunken rage – but not necessarily Santa. However, in the Lizzy pictures we’ve featured (they were Christmas promos) she rocks both a demure 1950’s gold lame gown  and a cosy cardigan with set, glossy waves and arched brows. It might be a bit warm for the cardigan, but remember to invest a little time in doing your hair and makeup on the day. You’re the ultimate Christmas adornment for your house! 

If you’ve been tuning into ABC on Tuesday nights you’ve undoubtedly seen the remarkably festive Nigella Lawson cooking series, which features the buxom and elegant hostess with the mostest cooking a range of delectable meals looking composed. The picture selected isn’t what Nigella is often filmed cooking in, her staple cucina-style is a black woollen dress, cardigan nipped in at the waist and enough butter to sink a small ship. Here here for emulating Nigella this Christmas!

Let’s take a look at truly Australian girl-next-door style with the relaxed, sporty style of Jennifer Hawkins. An ambassador for Myer and an entrepreneur in her own right, Jennifer loves shorter dresses in colour blocking brights and natural, wavy sunkissed hair paired with a rich (fake) tan. Jenn’s look is simple to emulate – it’s all about the details of grooming (and of course, investing in lots of exercise – don’t worry about that part too much until apres New Year however).

 Australia’s first lady of Christmas is undoubtedly Marina Prior, who has graced our TV screens year after year for Vision Australia’s Carols by Candlelight dressed in an array of bon-bon candy fantasies. Although we’re unlikely to be donning a Connie Simonetti ballgown (inset, above) for our own Christmas Day, Marina’s annual extravagance reminds us of the importance and special celebration that Christmas brings.