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Today’s blog from The Laneway takes a look at some of the key trends of Summer 2011-12. Longer days, brighter sun – it all makes for more relaxed styles and a move away from the serious, moody tones of winter. Some of the key looks for hair this Summer are pure and natural with rich texture – regardless of whether the cuts are sharp and short or wavy and long.

Emma Watson’s clean ‘pixie’ cut with a natural deep blonde colour makes for easy beach-side maintenance. You won’t need to blowdry before heading out in a maxi-dress at night, and if you like to be a blonde beach baby you’ll naturally get lighter under the sun. Don’t forget your SPF 30+ however!

A high-fashion look which is beautiful for dusk BBQ’s or outside parties is the messy up-do. With plenty of texture (the more sand and salt-water in there, the better on this occasion) to hold its structure, the messy up-do draws the eye up towards the face and creates a long, elegant silhouette. Top-knots are young and poppy, and distressed buns at the nape of the neck are sensual and romantic. Not sure how to create a mess up-do at home? Make sure to book in at The Laneway – we are trading throughout Christmas (check out opening hours).

Brunettes in Summer are lighter and warmer in tone, with varied shades the best way to create a shimmering mane of highlights. Brunettes must pay attention to their locks in Summer to keep their colour rich and healthy. Try a sun-protectant and remember to rinse your hair in clean water swiftly after enjoying a day at the local pool. Chlorine can really take the shine off rich chocolate-box colour.