Fashion Blogger Esme & The Laneway – AT The Laneway!


Last week The Laneway were delighted to welcome popular Melbourne vintage maven and fashion blogger Esme and the Laneway (inset above) to our salon. When Esme found out online that there was a salon called ‘The Laneway’, she approached us immediately to book in a BIG colour change and write a blog about our business.

Esme (her blog name) has been a prolific writer for some years, well-known for her trademark glossy black hair. But, it was time to change things up a little! In the hands of the capable Gabi Forster, Esme went from raven black to a Rita Hayworth-worthy glowing rich red mane! This warm, golden red colour offset Esme’s porcelain skin and blue eyes – and is a look which will complement the upcoming autumn/winter fashion trends.

To read Esme and the Laneway’s blogpost on her recent visit to The Laneway salon, click here.

To see her newest blog called ‘and now… I am a redhead’, click here! It’ll make you inspired for a new-season colour change too, we’re quite sure of it.

All photos courtesy of Esme and the Laneway.


The Laneway – More International Editorial!


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You’d have thought that by this time in the year, things would be slowing down a little! Not in the fast and furious world of hair and style however (it appears). The Laneway are proud to have their work featured by ANOTHER two international publications – this time is Revija Frizena Slovenia and Pentados Portugal. What next for our Brighton and Mordialloc salons – Eurovision?

Inset: Cover of Slovenia’s Revija Frizer December edition – our Urban Amazons shoot is featured in this glossy edition. Click here to follow their Facebook page and learn more about European style trends.

Photo from The Laneway editorial, used here to illustrate international beauty products in action – from Penteados Portugal.

Icons of Christmas Style


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Contrary to what you might expect, Christmas can be a stylish event. It needn’t be all flashing lights on ugly sweaters and paper hats (although admittedly, that does have its place in this special season). You don’t believe us? Let The Laneway inspire you with a photoblog of our favorite Christmas icons of style. Contemporary or vintage, this array of glamorous folks put the style  back into the silly season. Do you dare to emulate them? If you’re catering for a large family gathering, feel entirely justified in changing out of your turkey-basting clothes to pop on a glamorous gown and dainty shoes. It’s your Christmas and you’ll style if you want to! 

So when you think Elizabeth Taylor, you don’t necessarily think Christmas. You might think of diamonds the size of your eye, pearls larger than oyster shells and Richard Burton in a drunken rage – but not necessarily Santa. However, in the Lizzy pictures we’ve featured (they were Christmas promos) she rocks both a demure 1950’s gold lame gown  and a cosy cardigan with set, glossy waves and arched brows. It might be a bit warm for the cardigan, but remember to invest a little time in doing your hair and makeup on the day. You’re the ultimate Christmas adornment for your house! 

If you’ve been tuning into ABC on Tuesday nights you’ve undoubtedly seen the remarkably festive Nigella Lawson cooking series, which features the buxom and elegant hostess with the mostest cooking a range of delectable meals looking composed. The picture selected isn’t what Nigella is often filmed cooking in, her staple cucina-style is a black woollen dress, cardigan nipped in at the waist and enough butter to sink a small ship. Here here for emulating Nigella this Christmas!

Let’s take a look at truly Australian girl-next-door style with the relaxed, sporty style of Jennifer Hawkins. An ambassador for Myer and an entrepreneur in her own right, Jennifer loves shorter dresses in colour blocking brights and natural, wavy sunkissed hair paired with a rich (fake) tan. Jenn’s look is simple to emulate – it’s all about the details of grooming (and of course, investing in lots of exercise – don’t worry about that part too much until apres New Year however).

 Australia’s first lady of Christmas is undoubtedly Marina Prior, who has graced our TV screens year after year for Vision Australia’s Carols by Candlelight dressed in an array of bon-bon candy fantasies. Although we’re unlikely to be donning a Connie Simonetti ballgown (inset, above) for our own Christmas Day, Marina’s annual extravagance reminds us of the importance and special celebration that Christmas brings.

Christmas Festivities with The Laneway


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This week things have definitely become Christmassy at The Laneway salons! Our clients are telling us about their exciting holiday plans (either jetting away from Melbourne or conversely having an all-in family fest) and often-elaborate Donna Hay-style Christmas feasts. We thought we’d point you Christmassy darlins’ in the direction of festive fun bayside – and here we list some of our favorite Brighton & Mordialloc seasonal activities. Perfect for kids of all ages!

An annual favorite, the Bayside Christmas Carols in the Park will be held on Tuesday the 13th December from 7:30-9:30pm. Featuring Black Rock Primary School, St. Agnes Primary School and the Southern Area Concert Band, you’ll be able to sing along with all your favorites. There are gourmet picnic dinners available and an amazing sense of community spirit. Held at Dendy Park, this is a special night not to miss.

The Busy Whisk is a place for young cooks (6-18 years of age) to hone their culinary skills and try things they may not have at home. This year on the 23rd of December kids have the opportunity to make a gingerbread house, complete with icing and decoration. The perfect festive starter for any grinchy Masterchefs you have at home. Located at 33 Bright Street, Brighton East click here for further details.

  • Rockwiz Live at the Palais Theatre

A Christmas favorite that (although not strictly Brighton Bayside) is held at St Kilda’s famous Palais Theatre on Friday 9th and Saturday 10th December. Two Rockwiz shows in one night, replete with your favorite Aussie musos, Julia Zemiro and Quizzmaster Brian Nankervis. Tickets are around $80.00 and are very popular, so click here to get your hands on a couple!

Summer’s Essential Palettes


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Today’s blog from The Laneway takes a look at some of the key trends of Summer 2011-12. Longer days, brighter sun – it all makes for more relaxed styles and a move away from the serious, moody tones of winter. Some of the key looks for hair this Summer are pure and natural with rich texture – regardless of whether the cuts are sharp and short or wavy and long.

Emma Watson’s clean ‘pixie’ cut with a natural deep blonde colour makes for easy beach-side maintenance. You won’t need to blowdry before heading out in a maxi-dress at night, and if you like to be a blonde beach baby you’ll naturally get lighter under the sun. Don’t forget your SPF 30+ however!

A high-fashion look which is beautiful for dusk BBQ’s or outside parties is the messy up-do. With plenty of texture (the more sand and salt-water in there, the better on this occasion) to hold its structure, the messy up-do draws the eye up towards the face and creates a long, elegant silhouette. Top-knots are young and poppy, and distressed buns at the nape of the neck are sensual and romantic. Not sure how to create a mess up-do at home? Make sure to book in at The Laneway – we are trading throughout Christmas (check out opening hours).

Brunettes in Summer are lighter and warmer in tone, with varied shades the best way to create a shimmering mane of highlights. Brunettes must pay attention to their locks in Summer to keep their colour rich and healthy. Try a sun-protectant and remember to rinse your hair in clean water swiftly after enjoying a day at the local pool. Chlorine can really take the shine off rich chocolate-box colour.

The Laneway Salons in Singapore!



The Laneway Salons are truly excited to be featured in ANOTHER international publication. This time it’s Singapore’s premiere hair magazine ‘Hair For You For Me Journal’.

Here is the ‘h4ufme’ spread, a re-interpretation of our Urban Glamazon editorial. If you’re looking for styling inspiration, make sure to save the ‘h4ufme’ website in your favorites. This Asian journal regularly features international cutting-edge fashion, photography and (of course!) hair.

As they say on the ‘Hair For You For Me’ website – it’s hair-raisingly good! h4ufme is also distributed in Malaysia and Dubai, and it is a publication which has cemented itself at the top of trade journals in the pacific region.

The Laneway Does Perfect Polo Style


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In between the high-stakes glamour (pardon the pun) of the racing season and festivity of December’s parties is that rare event that is neither casual, nor formal. Polo. In this case, Paspaley Polo In The City, to be held in Melbourne at Albert Park on Saturday 3rd December. Today’s blog by The Laneway gives you some style pointers on how to be ‘best on field’ amongst all those strapping Polo players and ponies. Oh my!

What to wear, and how to style? Unlike the races which calls for high-maintenance millinery and robust hair, polo fashion is best described as somewhere between race fashion and a music festival. Not too relaxed – not too stuffy. Just right! In the promotional image above, Esther Anderson wears a terracotta Kirrily Johnston grecian-style gown, and has accompanied it with flowing, loose locks.

Jess and Ashley Hart strike the perfect balance, with casual fedoras (sun smart, too!), ocean-fresh wavy hair and flowing maxi-dresses.

Rebecca Judd (nee Twigley) at Polo in a slightly more embellished outfit, with cutout and hardware detail. Again, easy natural hair with body and wave is the order of this more casual day with the ponies.

It is rumoured that this dashing fellow named Nacho Figueras (you might remember his ‘blue steel’ stare from the Ralph Lauren Polo campaign) will be attending Paspaley Polo In The City. Reason enough to attend in style, we dare say!

The Laneway Focus Interview: Co-Director Katie Head


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In a follow-up to Paula Kelso’s interview in last weeks’ premiere blog from The Laneway – we’ve got the pleasure of introducing you to The Laneway Mordialloc’s Director Katie Head. Katie is vivacious, energetic and always striving to create the most creative and beautiful outcomes for her clients. So… here’s Katie!

1.  What makes The Laneway such a respected and well-loved brand, setting you apart from your competitors? 

The Laneway, is such an amazing brand – it is a reflection of both the passion of Paula and myself. We strive to create a thriving environment for clients to visit. We continually improve our skills in both business and hair dressing, and we never lose sight of the fact that it is all about the client! No one leaves a Laneway salon  unhappy. 

2. What are your standout skills in hairdressing? 

I sleep eat and dream hair, and I channel all my energy into my craft. I love to take a client through all aspects of their service. An amazing colour must be complimented with an amazing cut.

3. When did you work out that you wanted to work in the hairdressing field, and who has mentored you on your way?

 I have wanted to be a hairdresser all my life. I have two younger sisters and playing hairdressers was our favourite game! Paula – my co-Director –  has been my mentor and an amazing friend to boot. She has encouraged me in the ideas I have had. She has encouraged me to pursue all aspects of hairdressing. She gave me the confidence to participate in a photo shoot in Sydney recently. I was so nervous and she pushed me through! That photo shoot was the best experience I have ever had! Paula has believed in me when I have not always believed in myself. With our collaborative relationship, no door has ever been closed – instead there’s an array of doors just waiting for me to step inside!

4. What is your earliest memory?

My earliest memory is playing in my grandparent’s garden. My childhood is filled with amazing memories with my family, they have been my driving force to succeed in all aspects of my life.

Outside Mordialloc’s The Laneway salon – where you can find Katie!

5. What would your last meal be?

My last meal would be something cooked by Jamie Oliver he’s so funny!!

6. What is your best tip for choosing working partners? 

My best tip,for picking employees is choosing someone family orientated as team work is already structured in their outside life.

7. What is your favourite sound? 

My favourite sound is the alert tone of a text message on my iPhone – I like to know I’m loved!

8. What are the key trends you’re expecting for summer? 

Key trends for summer include the messy up do which is making a massive comeback. Volume and soft ways. Natural sandy tones for blondes, and rich browns. Sharp short cuts, and soft long layers.

9. What is something unexpected that has come from your work at The Laneway? 

Something unexpected from the Laneway? Well, I met Andrew my boyfriend here! He was a client, sometimes he would get 2 hair cuts a week! Now trying to get him to have a hair cut is like getting blood from a stone!

Tantalised by Tantalum


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Have you discovered Tantalum Magazine? It’s an energetic, mysterious and beautiful publication which brings together a range of creative disciplines. Focussing squarely on the fashion and beauty industries, Paula Kelso – co-Director of The Laneway – was delighted to be interviewed in their latest publication. An international magazine, The Laneway were also proud to have a selection of their work featured in an editorial called ‘Earth Angel’. Here we include Paula’s interview, and the beautiful editorial in Tantalum. Enjoy!

These strong looks were created by Paula Kelso (of The Laneway Brighton East) and Katie Head (of The Laneway Mordialloc).

The ‘urban native’ look was further highlighted by chunky, mesmerising jewellery from Dinosaur Designs. Just like candy to look at!

Here is Tantalum’s exclusive interview with Paula. Thanks for your support, Tantalum! Click here to ‘like’ Tantalum on Facebook and enjoy their exceptional editorials and photography.

Tantalum: Tell me a little bit about the inspiration behind this shoot?

Paula Kelso: My inspiration for this collection is all about a strong look with amazing hair and a great style. I wanted a mixture of feminine with a strong powerful look. I think we have done a great job achieving different looks that look both sexy and strong.

Tantalum: What does a day like this usually consist of?

Paula Kelso: The more you prepare for a shoot in advance the smoother the day will run, I find. Having the models arrive to the studio on time is a must. The hair comes first and then fashion and make-up happens just before the models go under the lights for the shoot. The photographer and I will have had many discussions about the shoot before the day. This is essential to create the mood, look and get the hair-fashion balance as it should be. We plan the order of the hairstyles and styling in advance, so each team member has a coordinated schedule of tasks to achieve in the allotted time frame of the shoot.

Tantalum: Obviously this shoot has a heavy hair influence but it also has a fashion slant which I find most hairdressers loose in their shoots, how do you find that balance?

Paula Kelso: I think it is a case of getting the right team together. This includes an accomplished photographer experienced in both hair and fashion shoots and a top stylist who takes a fashion forward approach.

Tantalum: Do you teach? if so what is the most rewarding part about that? challenges?

Paula Kelso: No, I am not a hairdressing educator, not yet anyway. As with all salon owners, I focus on training my staff both in the latest commercial hair fashion as well as in client service and other business practices. Whilst I’d like to teach, business expansion has been my motivation over the past two years. I have just opened a second salon which has been a big project and is progressing brilliantly.

Tantalum: Since you’ve worked on a wide variety of projects, which one has been your most favourite & what kind of work do you have a preference for?

Paula Kelso: My favourite work is with clients. You know you’ve done a good job when … example …Despite the glamour of photo shoots and session work, I love keeping a full book of happy repeat clients most of all. You can only do this with a consistently, strong culture of good hairdressing and client service. I suppose I have opened the second salon in partnership with my most senior stylist as a challenge and to replicate what we already do well in a second business.

Tantalum: What does the next year have in store for you? Is there anything we should be keeping an eye out for?

Paula Kelso: Next year I want to ensure that both salons, the existing and the new, run profitably. Times are tougher than previous years, so running profitable, sustainable salons is the priority. I believe the we are flexible and creative enough to take on this challenge. We must also maintain our usual commercial on-trend and fashion forward hairstyling for clients.

Caliente! The Laneway Featured Internationally



Firstly, The Laneway team would like to say a very big thankyou for all your positive feedback and encouragement on our new blog and official Facebook and Twitter page. Thankyou to all of our clients who have ‘subscribed’ to our blog (click in the right column to do so yourself) or ‘liked’ our new Facebook page.

Today we’d like to share some images from our ‘Urban Amazons’ photo shoot which has happily been picked up by the international press – namely premiere Mexican style publication ‘Collection – Estilismo Actual’ – October 2011 edition. 

Clean lines, energetic forms.


The new texture of controlled abandon

Calm confidence and sleek shapes